First Look at Edzo's New Lincoln Park Location

First Look

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[Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger]

Check out every recent list of the best burgers in Chicago and odds are that Edzo's Burger Shop made the cut. In fact, any list that didn't at least mention the griddled options at Eddie Lakin's storefront is highly suspect. But this is even though the shop is technically in the suburb of Evanston. Well, until last week, when the second outlet of Edzo's opened in Lincoln Park.

Fans of the Evanston location will probably notice that the eight-ounce char burgers didn't make the trek. Lakin explained that the issue mostly came down to space: "There's not enough room for the char burgers," said Eddie, pointing to the crowded kitchen area. "Plus, they take longer to cook, and they are the item that most often gets sent back, because people are very particular about doneness." Since I prefer the griddled burger, I don't feel the least bit let down. And if volume is all you care about, there's always the option to stack them.

Everything else you love about Edzo's is here. The fries are still hand-cut and fried twice. The shakes are freshly blended and thick. Even the space feels the same. Though much smaller than the original, it still has the same lived-in feel that made the original seem so comfortable.

According to Lakin, this actually took some work: "We didn't want to tear it up to make it look old," he said of the relatively new space, "so we had to add some pieces to give it some character." He actually enjoyed this part of the project, finding it a good excuse to look at vintage and antique shops. He ended up with pieces like the old school menu and the vintage sign hanging from the walls.

For many, this will be their first chance to experience the glory of Edzo's. Hopefully this slideshow convinces them to hurry. Just remember, Lakin is closing the shop next week for Christmas and New Years, so if you wait too long you'll have to wait until 2013 to get your shot at one of the best burgers around.

Edzo's Lincoln Park

2218 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60614 (map)