First Look at Fat Rice's Macanese Menu in Logan Square

First Look

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[Photographs: Chelsea Ross]

While Fat Rice in Logan Square may be Abraham Conlon and Adrienne Lo's first restaurant, the two have been a fixture of the Chicago dining scene for the past few years. That's thanks to X-Marx, one of the most popular underground dining clubs of the past few years. So why did they make the move to a permanent location?

Conlon admits he was "interested in consistency" after putting on three different dinners with seven to fourteen courses each week. "We offered a lot of variety, but from a logistical shopping standpoint, it was a disaster. Also, 99 percent of the dishes we cooked we had never cooked before. At the end of the night, I often wished I had another shot at cooking a particular dish."


Inside the Kitchen

He also wanted the restaurant to appeal to both tuned-in foodies and regular people who just wanted a good dinner. "We wanted to expand our audience, but didn't want to have to send an email, along with directions and a pirate map to find us."

The two settled on the Logan Square location almost by accident. "We drove by it everyday while we were looking for another space. Nothing was working out, so we just decided to try that space. It worked."

Fat Rice is also probably the only restaurant in Chicago dedicated to Macanese food, a hybrid of Chinese and Portuguese cuisine that first popped up hundreds of years in the trading port of Macau in China.

The two kindly let us into to their kitchen to get a peak at some of the dishes you can find at Fat Rice. Take a look at the slideshow to check them all out.

Fat Rice

2957 West Diversey Avenue, Chicago, Illinois (map)