Nick's 12 Best Bites in Chicago From 2012

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

It's hard to believe how much I ate out in 2012. Last year I was able to put together a list of my favorite bites of the year even though this site had only been rolling for two months. In fact, I felt like I had too many options to choose from. So you can imagine how completely overwhelming it is to put together my best bites of the year with a full twelve months of feasting to consider.

I probably ate out once a day, where I'd often try three to four different dishes. Then there were the occasions where I'd try one of everything at a restaurant, which immediately added dozens of options to the final tally. I thought putting together the list would be hard, but some very specific dishes jumped right out at me.

Check out my favorite bites of 2012, and then let me know which dishes you'll remember the most from this year!