20 Cheap Eats We Love in Lincoln Park

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

Lincoln Park is known for many things—impeccably maintained townhouses, the stunning park that bears its name—but the home of cheap eats is not high on the list. Perhaps that has something to do with having a couple of the most acclaimed, and expensive, restaurants in the country within its borders. But man (or woman) can't live on tasting menus alone, and luckily Lincoln Park is a very big neighborhood.

What we love about the best cheap eats here is that there is an appealing mix of old school joints and new concepts hungry to win over the crowds. Like our previous cheap eats guides for The Loop and River North, we set the limit at $10 for a meal. Of course, if we missed your favorite option, definitely let us know.

Click on the slideshow to check out our picks.