7 Milkshakes for Two We Love for Valentine's Day in Chicago

[Photograph: Lindsey Becker]

Hey, so it's Valentine's Day today. Sure sure, you've been meaning to call that fondue place your coworker told you about to see if they can squeeze you in for a last-minute reservation, or maybe you've been actively avoiding putting in that call. Either way, we have all of you reservation-less, plan-averse lovers covered. Pull the old "it's a weeknight, so I knew you'd rather fill up on milkshakes than wine" card and bring your date (or friend!) to one of these lower key spots.

You can do the ordering since you'll know where all the good stuff is (hint: the dessert menu). Just be sure that when your fluorescent cherry-topped, whipped cream coated milkshake of love arrives at your table, you throw two straws in that bad boy. Because nothing is more romantic than simultaneously ingesting large amounts of dairy.