Kuma's Corner Too Opens Today in Lakeview


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Courtesy of Kuma's Too/Facebook

Kuma's Too, the second location of the massively popular burger joint Kuma's Corner, announced that it was ready for business with a hilariously to-the-point post today on Facebook: "Hey. We open today." Kind of gets to the point of it, right? Plus, this is just in time for Valentine's Day! Of course, this assumes that you and your date find enormous burgers, bowls of mac and cheese, deceptively wonderful fried things, and death metal all romantic.

As we mentioned previously, the second location of the massively popular burger bar happens to be located at the sinister address of 666 W. Diversey. We imagine that it will be slammed for the foreseeable future, though maybe it will lessen the lines at the original location. We can hope.

Kuma's Too

666 W. Diversey Pkwy., Chicago, IL 60657 (map)