Pick the Best New Restaurant in Chicago for the 2013 Eat Out Awards


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[Courtesy of Time Out Chicago]

Think Balena is the best new restaurant of the year, or are you more of a Fat Rice fan? Have you been stuffing yourself with delectables from Bang Bang Pie Shop or Do-Rite Donuts? Instead of arguing, click over to Time Out Chicago where voting has commenced for the 2013 Eat Out Awards. Last year, we brought you the results from the gala event, and even our own picks for who should have won, and it's time to do it all over again.

Along with Best New Restaurant and Best New Sweets Shop, other categories include Cheap Eatery of the Year, Best Chicago Microbrewery, and Neighborhood Joint of the Year. Cast your votes by heading on over to Time Out Chicago. Good luck to all the nominees!