We Drink All the Hot Chocolate at Xoco

[Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger]

In this month's version of "We Drink All the Hot Chocolate at..." we go on a little soul-warming vacation south of the border with the five hot chocolates at Xoco (just kidding: this is not actually a new column we're starting...or is it?). In keeping with the authentic nature of all of the food, Xoco's hot chocolate ranges from the intensely chocolatey, but thin Authentic to the nearly pudding-like Champurrado. And because drinking chocolate without an accompanying churro would be akin to going to Hot Doug's on a Saturday and skipping the duck fat fries, we also tried some of the classic churros as well as a new glazed churro. Click through the slideshow for our thoughts.

If you'd like to ride the churro horse into Hot Chocolate City, take note: the menu is carefully ordered from least intense to most intense, and if you're trying all five, try them in that order. Also worth noting is that these are all served at prime drinking temperature, which is great since you can dive right in as soon as you get them, but it also means that they have a limited period of time in which flavor and texture are at their peak. So get your friends and your churros ready and drink these while they're warm.


449 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654 (map)