7 Places We Love to Eat Breakfast Sausage (And Eggs) in Chicago

[Photographs: Blake Royer]

What is it about sausage and eggs in the morning? Sure, there is something simple and satisfying about the combination, but we're guessing it goes deeper. Perhaps it's that, besides maybe a hot dog, breakfast sausage is the first sausage most of us eat as children. Inevitably, an egg or two find their way to the plate, and, if you're feeling real saucy, pancakes and all the syrup they require. And what could be better than dipping the sausage into the extra syrup pooling on the edges of the plate?

Sadly, most breakfast sausage isn't worth getting all nostalgic about. But leave it to some of Chicago's best restaurants to sort things out. Not all of them go with a traditional American breakfast sausage, choosing to celebrate other cultures and their sausages in the morning routine. One place even manages to settle it all in a bun. But that's fine by us.

As you may have already known, all March we'll be celebrating breakfast in Chicago. On Monday our staff picked out their favorite places to start the day. Now it's time for the meat of the matter.

Check out the 7 Places Eat Sausage (And Eggs) for Breakfast in Chicago by clicking on the slideshow, or by investigating the links below.