Staff Picks: Where Do You Take an Out of Town Guest in Chicago?

Staff Picks

Our favorite dishes.

With winter finally yielding to the chaos of spring, Chicago once again looks like a tempting place to visit. That got us thinking about all the guests getting ready to experience the city for the first time, and where all those people should eat.

Don't let anyone fool you: choosing the perfect place to take an out of town guest requires planning. It may sound easy, but you're looking for something more than just an excellent meal. While the restaurant has to serve knockout food (that's a given), it simultaneously has to showcase something unique about the city.

Other factors are just as crucial. Since most guests stay downtown and don't have a lot of time, picking a centrally located place is a plus. There's also the issue of price. We're not sure if it's just our friends, but it probably needs to be on the affordable side of the spectrum (not necessarily cheap, mind you, but not terribly expensive). Most importantly, the pick needs to be consistent. With only one shot to show off the city, you need to be certain that the restaurant is going to deliver the goods and that your guest will leave awed by the experience. (That is the goal, right?)

Needless to say, our writers have very personal opinions about this question. Only one place was mentioned twice, and the others ranged from chic downtown dining spots to charming taquerias. Check them all out by clicking on the slideshow.