Shake Shack is Coming to Chicago


The latest happenings around Chicago.

Shack Burger from Shake Shack in NYC. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Remember the rumor about the potential Shake Shack location in the old Harley-Davidson store in River North? At the time it was just real estate gossip, which the owners refused to discuss. Luckily, last Friday Eater Chicago received official confirmation from the Union Square Hospitality Group about plans to open in Chicago, though no other details were released. (For the record, Grub Street is getting really good at calling these things ahead of time.)

Why should you care about the New York hamburger chain? Sure, it's universally adored here on Serious Eats, but if you have further questions, check out this behind the scenes video to see the care that goes into each burger (also, look out for the spotless chrome griddle). Let's just hope the line never gets this long.