10 Pretzels We Love in Chicago

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

Does anyone know when the great pretzel invasion of Chicago began? A few years ago, the only pretzels I remember seeing were the kind you'd find at mediocre bars, and I avoided those because they were always soft, spongy, and flavorless (though the salt helped). But along with the wave of beer-centric restaurants and sausage-heavy menus, the pretzel snuck in, and it's anything but boring this time around.

What's especially interesting is that there are now numerous styles of pretzels to dig into. Some are warm and pillowy, while others are thin and crispy. I even tracked down a great version of soft pretzel bites. And they are being served with a variety of different mustards and cheese sauces.

Check out some of our favorite pretzels in Chicago by clicking on the slideshow.