19 Cheap Eats We Love in Bridgeport

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

After covering cheap eats in The Loop and on the North Side, it's about time I start to explore the plentiful options on the South Side. To start things off, I decided to go with Bridgeport, a neighborhood I thought I knew pretty well. As a White Sox fan and a devotee of Pleasant House Bakery, I've visited fairly often, and I imagined swinging by a couple of times and wrapping this feature up with no trouble. Ten visits and a good month and-a-half later, I realize I was wrong.

What makes Bridgeport such a great place to explore is that there is an interesting mix of old school restaurants and newer establishments ready to change things up. Though Ramova Grill closed last year (taking the city's best bowl of chili with it), the neighborhood is still home to the oldest restaurant in Chicago, Schaller's Pump, which first opened up in 1881. Along with a host of trendy eateries and a burgeoning array of Chinese restaurants, Bridgeport has a surprising number of great restaurants, and while I tried to visit as many as I could, I know there are more out there.

Check out all of our favorite cheap eats in Bridgeport by clicking on the slideshow. And if I missed one of your favorite spots, let me know in the comments!