Bigger is Better: 6 Colossal Steakhouse Desserts We Love in Chicago

[Photographs: Lindsey Becker]

I recently had one of the best steaks of my life served off of a sizzling white platter so hot, the waves of heat hitting my face were akin to those off of blacktop at high noon in the middle of July. The platter had been placed in front of me in perfect synchrony with each of my dining partners' own sizzling hot platters. When we first sat down, we were asked if we preferred black linen rather than the white folded on the plates in front of us (in case you are as uninformed as I was, I have since found out this is for all those fancy people who would rather not deal with the possibility of a white napkin shedding on their black dress).

This steakhouse prides itself on being over-the-top, and nothing encapsulates this mission more than the gargantuan desserts it offers up at the end of what was most likely the biggest meal you've had since Christmas. And yet I found myself completely incapable of resisting the frisbee-sized round of cake we ordered. I knew this wasn't the only steakhouse offering up large-and-in-charge mammoths of sugar at the end of the meal, so I set out to find my favorite examples of one of the last great vestiges of that ancient American adage: bigger is better.

Warm Butter Cake Mastro's Steakhouse

Check out the full list by clicking on the slideshow. If I missed one of your favorite ways to polish off a steak dinner, let me know. I'm always looking for the next sugary mountain to climb.