7 Crepes We Love in Chicago

[Photographs: Molly Durham]

As a classic French dish, crepes take some finesse to make (or at least make so that it all stays together). I've eaten them so rarely in my life that I never realized how different they are to cook.

The crepe itself varies from place to place: they can be savory or sweet, served in pairs or alone, or even served as a street food. Some may not consider it a real meal, others may swear by them for brunch or dessert, but I think it'd be hard for someone to not be able to find a crepe they love somewhere in Chicago.

Almost all the crepes I've had have been sweet ones, and this post was sort of my discovery of the savory variety. The verdict? Savory all the way.

Check out some of my favorite crepes in Chicago by clicking on the slideshow, and let me know if I missed any by leaving a message in the comments.