A Sandwich a Day: Roasted Red Pepper, Egg and Goat Cheese at Carbon's Golden Malted Food Truck

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.


[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

Let me be clear, if I had known that the sandwiches from this truck came with waffles as the bread, I would have been here long before now. I saw chicken and waffles listed, but I just figured the sandwiches weren't their focus. Then I ordered the roasted red pepper, egg and goat cheese ($6) and got a waffle surprise.

The waffle smell leaped toward my nose when I opened up the box... oh my! It was immediately clear that the waffle was the star. Super soft and flavorful, it almost had a maple taste to it, even though there's no syrup drizzled on top (I do wish I had some syrup to dip it in though—couldn't hurt). I rarely remember a waffle, since I usually find whatever tops it is what makes it good, but this one has something special goin' on.

It would have been hard to outshine the waffle part, but the fillings put up a good fight. The scrambled eggs are spiced well with lots of pepper, just how I like them. The goat cheese was the most disappointing part, while the roasted red peppers were just average.

What I want again is that waffle. If you're interested I recommend tracking them here.

Carbon's Golden Malted Food Truck

Various locations, Chicago IL