Meet the Newest Serious Eater


The latest happenings around Chicago.


I need to give a big thanks to Jamie and Max for helping me out last week with a few great posts while I was away (you can check them out here and here). Normally this kind of coverage would indicate that I was taking it easy on vacation, but that's not quite the truth. Instead, I spent the week caring for my newborn daughter, Mira. To get a sense of her size, here she is in comparison to a medium pan pizza from Pequod's, which is how Chicagoans like to measure all things. Though she can't exactly eat anything, she's already been to L'Patron and the Logan Square Farmers' Market, and I can't wait to show her more amazing places to eat in Chicago.


I also need to thank the entire Serious Eats crew for the Midnight Feeding Care Box from Zingerman's, which came in handy during all of my own late night feedings.