Eataly Chicago Bringing Eight Restaurants to River North


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Rossopomodoro Pizza at Eataly New York [Photographs: Adam Kuban]

While there are a number of truly exciting restaurant openings planned for this fall, the one I'm most intrigued by is Eataly, which will be the second location of the Italian grocery and restaurant complex in the country. I was genuinely impressed by the New York location, and now I have even more reason to look forward to the one here.

Chicago Magazine teased out a few more details of the massive new project, including fact that it will house eight different restaurants. Among the stops will be a "150-seat pizza and pasta place," an "enoteca with a mozzarella bar," a seafood restaurant called Il Pesce, a "meatcentric restaurant called La Carne," and "a friggitoria, which sells all fried food." We might need to bring Deep Fried Chicago back for the last one.

The article doesn't give a firm opening date beyond "late this fall." As previously reported, Eataly will be located in the River North space formerly occupied by ESPN Zone.