Staff Picks: Where Do You Pig Out in Chicago?

Staff Picks

Our favorite dishes.

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

Sure, we love to casually graze on dainty small plates, but there are those rare occasions when all that fussing over a forkful just doesn't cut it. Perhaps we just ran a marathon or simply passed on last night's dessert. Regardless, the reason isn't as important as the fact that we need to eat a WHOLE LOT OF FOOD RIGHT NOW.

Though pigging out immediately conjures up enormous piles of pork with nary a green thing in sight, that's not the only way to feast. In fact, a number of our writers picked out meals where meat wasn't even the star. Perhaps it's the simple sight of some vegetables that helps lower our guard, allowing us to think we are being reasonable, when in fact we're anything but.

Check out how our writers like to pig out by clicking on the slideshow. Did your favorite place not make the list? Let us know!