A Sandwich a Day: Roasted Chicken at Fuel Station

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.


[Photograph: Molly Durham]

It's solely grab n' go sandwiches at Fuel Station, but the roasted chicken sandwich ($8.95) didn't taste like one at all. Rather it tastes fresh and like it hasn't been sitting there, with still-firm tomatoes and not one soggy part. The chicken is sliced thin, and though the bread looks intimidatingly hard, it's actually just springy enough.

This feels like a cobb salad on a sandwich, with the avocado and egg giving it enough creaminess that I didn't need to use the mayo packets served with it. I was glad the egg wasn't served in large chunks, and definitely happy it wasn't a whole fried egg piled on top (everything seems to have a fried egg plopped on top these days). Instead, the egg is thinly sliced and spread on the bottom with the tomatoes and lettuce.

Is it worth $9? Maybe not, especially considering what other awesome food you can get in this town for that amount, and I didn't like that they don't offer to heat it up for you. But it's large and good for a quick bite on the go.