Snapshots from the 2013 Chicago Vendy Awards

[Photographs: Dennis Lee]

The Vendy Awards are self-described as "The Oscars of Street Food," and they've made their way to Chicago. It's as much a competition as it is an award celebration, as the participating street vendors cook up their specialties on the spot. Our very own Nick Kindelsperger was on the judging panel and he wielded his mighty power to determine which of the vendors had the best dish.

The Vendy Awards are part of a mission called The Street Vendor Project, which helps street vendors understand their place in city food culture, along with their legal rights and responsibilities. The Street Vendor Project also helps street vendors connect with small business training as well as loans, to help the culture and ecosystem thrive. In addition, the Vendy Awards also help support Slow Food Chicago as well as Asociación de Vendedores Ambulantes (AVA), a non-profit organization that unites street vendors and their supporters to work towards regulations that allow vendors to sell their products in public spaces.

This year's participants were:

And the winner was...


Olga's Snacks!

Check out what we saw and tasted in the slideshow!