A Sandwich A Day: Fried Egg Sandwich at 25 Degrees

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.


[Photograph: Tessa McLean]

It's a risky move to walk into a burger joint and order something other than their signature item. Can they still push out a killer sandwich for those red-meat averse or those who just aren't in the mood? I ordered the Fried Egg Sandwich ($12) from 25 Degrees to find out.

Fried eggs have had an awesome renaissance in recent years, as chefs add them to everything from burgers to french fries and even pizza. They've been the star of breakfast sandwiches forever and 25 Degrees brought that concept to dinner. Lightly sharp cheddar cheese is melted on a slice of thick, Texas-toast-sized white bread that's airy and soft. The fried egg is seasoned well, though it's just slightly more done than I would like. The egg still gives a desired amount of runniness, which makes the sandwich dissolve into a gooey mess pretty quickly, but I was hoping to avoid any hard yolk. It's topped with too much iceberg lettuce, which is so full of water it mutes the flavors of the sandwich. I ended up picking most of it off. The applewood smoked bacon is thick-cut with a lot of great smoky, salty flavor and there's a very thin layer of herb aioli on the top slice of bread that gives just a little earthiness to all that richness.

I certainly left less-stuffed than my burger-scarfing dining companions, but I was already planning when I'd be back for their burgers.