A Sandwich A Day: Turkey Panini at Feast

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.


[Photograph: Tessa McLean]

Feast is one of those restaurants you can usually count on. It may not be in your best bites of the year list, but you'll leave satisfied and definitely full. I went for the turkey panini ($11) recently, straying from my go-to brunch items. It's simplistic, but with quality ingredients, it's well executed.

The Tuscan bread is grilled just enough to give the outside a slight crunch while retaining the soft inside. A slice of melted, mild Swiss cheese lines each side with a thin spread of mayo—just enough to meld everything together. The thinly sliced roasted turkey is topped with three slices of salty, fatty bacon and a large slice of tomato. A generous helping of fresh, bright arugula gives a welcome contrast to all that richness and another welcome texture. If you're wandering around Damen, a meal at Feast is a safe bet.