South Side Eats: Soluri & Sons Deli Returns to Bridgeport


The new Soluri & Sons Deli on Halsted Street in Bridgeport has picked up right where it left off. Once a popular stop in the '90s, it has returned with subs that are simple and satisfying. The new storefront sits in an old building, and it is pretty bare bones inside. So from the looks and feel of the place, it's like it never left. You'll always see a couple neighborhood guys enjoying a sandwich in the window and folks are always coming in and out to pick up their homemade Italian sausage. It comes in mild, hot, or extra hot upon request.


There are a few simple salads, you can purchase the deli meats by the pound. The bread for the subs comes from D'Amatos, and you can also snag a slice of pizza bread to go with your made to order Poorboy.


These sandwiches aren't to be mistaken with the Po' Boy sandwiches popular in Louisiana. I cant quite trace the origins of calling them this, but there are still quite a few sandwich shops around Chicagoland that call their sandwiches "Poorboys." Owner Peter Soluri told me, "That's what we've always called them." The menu is pretty basic, with seven sandwich options. The Italian is made with hot capicola, genoa salami, mortadella, provolone, lettuce, tomato, and a special dressing. Of course, hot peppers are available on request.


There's always someone in back making sandwiches and another in front taking orders. The shop is pretty serious about consistency here and weigh out each portion of meat upon ordering. When it comes to a cold sandwich, I'm eating an Italian sub 9 times out of 10. Having been all over town, I'd feel pretty confident placing Soluri & Sons in my top 5 Italian cold cuts. For me, it's the bread and that dressing. I love the texture of D'Amato's bread with the little cracks produced on the top half of each loaf. Like always, I got a little scratch on the roof of my mouth, as I can never remember to go easy. Quality meats, nicely balanced with the bread, rounds this sandwich out.


A couple times every year, I get the urge for a non-Italian sub cold cut sub. Most of the time, the craving calls for a tuna salad, but every now and then I just feel like going back in time and getting a good old American Sub. Soluri & Sons does a really good one. Krakus Ham, salami, and bologna join American cheese and mayo, along with lettuce and tomato. You'll want to ask for the same special dressing on it, too. This is my go-to option when the craving for a classic American sub hits. It's nice to have Peter and his sons back at it.