Staff Picks: What's the Best Delivery Option in Chicago?

Staff Picks

Our favorite dishes.

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

I used to be able to count the number of times I'd ordered delivery in Chicago on one hand. Sure, I was tempted every once in a while, but I usually resisted on the basis that the food would suffer and that I'd have to pay more for it—a double whammy, which usually killed any cravings. But I've recently seen a dip in my free time since the birth of my daughter (a free fall would be more accurate) and suddenly delivery doesn't sound like such an evil after all.

The hard part, I came to find out, was picking the right kind of place. Some dishes hold up to delivery and others do not. Texture is usually the first attribute to suffer, making fried foods and sandwiches risky options.

I briefly considered trying to put together a best of delivery feature, before realizing all I'd really be doing was putting together a list of the best options for my specific address. (Handy for me, but not of much use to anyone else.) Believe me, location is important. For example, Piece Pizzeria's delivery zone ends less than a half block away from my place, which hurts.

It's better for our staff to weigh in with their particular choices. Why and when you order delivery is a personal decision. Of course, I'd love to hear your favorite delivery options. Just leave them in the comments!

Check them all out by clicking on the slideshow.