Watch Dennis Eat Bugs with the Wheezy Waiter


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[Courtesy of The Wheezy Waiter/YouTube]

When Dennis Lee is not scouting the Loop for anything that could possibly be described as edible, he likes to track down some of Chicago's more adventurous dishes for his column, the Wild Side. He's tried camel, duck chins, cow trotters, and, of course, bugs. The latter apparently impressed him enough that he convinced the Wheezy Waiter, a.k.a. Craig Benzine, to not only go eat some bugs, but to make a video about the experience, too.

Watch the two dig into some fried caterpillars at Four Belly, and, just for kicks, some octopus balls, frog legs, and roasted black garlic ramen. I'd call Dennis a natural. As for the Wheezy Waiter, if you like what you see here, he has literally hundreds of other videos on YouTube to check out.

And now, to the bugs!