12 Great Dishes Under $10 in West Town, Chicago

Last month, we took a look at the affordable options in Humboldt Park, so it feels natural to move directly east to see what's available in West Town. As is always the case with these lists, defining what the exact neighborhood boundaries is harder than it should be. I've heard West Town referred to as a neighborhood numerous times, but it's also a rather big community area. Its northern edge actually includes parts of Wicker Park and Bucktown, but I couldn't use either because they've already been covered. That left a collection of smaller neighborhoods, including some that most people know (Ukrainian Village and Noble Square) and one I've never heard a soul mention ever (East Village). Basically: everything north of Kinzie, south of Division, west of I-90, and east of Western Ave.

That's a lot to cover, and know that this list could have been twice as long, but instead of simply adding in every good dish in the area, I decided to strip the list down to 12 genuinely great options. These are all knockout options.

Check out all the picks in the slideshow.

  1. Italian Sub at Bari
  2. Italian Beef at Bari
  3. Char Dog with Fries at Phil's Last Stand
  4. Double Fatso at Phil's Last Stand
  5. Slice of Pie and a Cup of Joe at Hoosier Mama
  6. Grilled Steak Taco at Carbón
  7. Polish Sausage Sandwich at Podhalanka
  8. Fatboy at Twisted Spoke
  9. Mozzarella Sticks at Roots Handmade Pizza
  10. Slice of Pan Pizza at D'Amato's
  11. Steak Jibarito at Cafe Central
  12. Sea Salt and Caramel Gelato at Black Dog Gelato

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