A Sandwich a Day: Flatbread Sandwich at Meli Cafe

A Sandwich a Day

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[Photograph: Tessa McLean]



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This is not a regular sandwich. It obviously doesn't look like one from the photo, but this is Meli Cafe's version of a breakfast sandwich. The Flatbread ($14) is an open-faced sandwich, to be exact, and it was well-executed and incredibly tasty.

It all starts with soft tandoori naan, which is such a welcome divergence from the bagels and english muffins of the world, I don't know why more breakfast places aren't using it (a credit to Little Goat, the only place I can think of that does). Normally skeptical of sausages-turned-chicken, a generous amount of chicken chorizo is super flavorful, with enough spice and saltiness and the exact texture you want; you could have tricked me into thinking it was the real thing, just with much less grease. The chorizo is mixed in with lots of starchy black beans, diced tomatoes, cilantro, and half an avocado. It's then topped with two sunny-side up eggs and drizzled with a creamy chipotle sauce. The sauce wasn't quite as spicy or flavorful as I hoped—it even bordered on slightly sweet—but the other ingredients made up for it. Next time, I probably would just ask for some regular salsa instead. Either way, it's a "sandwich" I'd be happy to have again any time of day.