A Sandwich a Day: Nurse Betty at M Burger

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.


[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

M Burger serves burgers—surprisingly good ones, especially if you're a fan of thin griddled patties with a minimum of other distractions. But what if you find yourself at one of the locations scattered across River North and the Loop and you're not really feeling like beef? You could subsist on the very food skinny fries, a shake, or an ice cream cone, but perhaps that's not the diet you're going for. Instead, you can go with the Nurse Betty ($3.29), M Burger's grilled chicken sandwich.

It's nowhere near as essential as the burger, but that's not really the point of a grilled chicken sandwich, is it? Most people just want chicken that still reasonably juicy, and on that point M Burger does a truly admirable job. Instead of attempting to grill a massive, 2-inch thick breast, the chicken is cut into a thinner portion, which makes it easier and quicker to grill. I also appreciated the thoughtful addition of avocado, which adds the creaminess that an excess of mayonnaise is usually forced to do.

It's probably not any healthier than a single burger, but I suppose it could make you feel better about yourself. Of course, I did what any reasonable person would do and took all that goodwill and ordered fries and a root beer float.