Behind the Sweets: Toni Marie Cox Makes Blackberry Coconut Naked Cake at Toni Patisserie

[Photographs: Amber Gibson]

The term "naked cake" has grown popular in recent years to describe un-iced wedding cakes. I think these more rustic cakes are actually more appetizing. No more wondering what's under the thick layer of fondant; you can see the multiple layers of deliciousness that await. Even if you aren't getting married, you can try some naked cake this spring at Toni Patisserie.

Pastry chef Toni Marie Cox says she first heard the term naked cake a couple years ago, and has seen them explode on Pinterest. "They've become really popular with wedding cakes," she says. "People like a more vintage, textured cake, and more brides are doing sweet tables with smaller cakes and other dessert options." Cox has baked a couple of different naked cakes in the past and this spring she debuts a blackberry, coconut, and lime variety. At both her Hinsdale and Chicago locations, a 6-inch cake will retail for $30 or you can try a slice for $5.

See Cox make a naked cake from start to finish in the slideshow above.