A Sandwich a Day: Jerk Turkey Burger at Just Turkey

A Sandwich a Day

Reviews of Chicago sandwiches.


[Photograph: Sarah Song]

Unless I'm eating a turkey drumstick at a fair, I rarely crave turkey. It's usually dry, overcooked, and generally tastes like whatever's on top of it. However, turkey gets top billing at the aptly named Just Turkey. Humbly tucked between a Subway and a Mobil gas station, Just Turkey fulfills every turkey's ambition to be front and center (on days other than Thanksgiving). The hand-patted jerk turkey burger ($4.95) is incredibly juicy and flavorful. They advertise a "butter crusted turkey burger," referring not to the meat, but to the bun itself; the whole wheat bun is toasted and swiped with melted butter, resulting in a soft, nutty texture. The patty is cooked on the griddle, imparting a beautiful blackened crust on the outside, with tender meat on the inside. The jerk seasoning is mixed throughout, and each bite is bursting with warm spice.

The melted pepper jack cheese adds more kick to the jerk spice. The accoutrements are evenly distributed on either side of the patty, with shredded iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise on one side, and juicy tomatoes, pickles, and sweet griddled onions on the other. This set-up means the burger isn't top loaded, and even though it gets a little messy, you get most components in each bite, which is a major plus since this burger is flat out tasty. Given that this is the one of the best turkey burgers I've ever had, I imagine Just Turkey's other offerings to be equally inspired. I'm already mulling over what to order next: turkey polish sausage, barbeque turkey tips, and turkey lasagna?