Check out Chicago Magazine's List of Best New Chicago Restaurants


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We like Dusek's, too. Above is the poached seckle pear Dutch baby from the brunch menu. [Photograph: Chelsea Ross]

Declaring that "anything short of nudity goes these days," Chicago Magazine just picked out its 17 favorite new restaurants in the city. Considering the fact that the extremely cold weather only recently relented, it might seem like a strange time to release a list of the best new restaurants of 2014 (plus, you know, the fact that it is only April), but the list also includes openings from the second half of 2013, making it a nice chance to take stock of what is going on.

Let's get back to the nudity part. What is Chicago going on about? Well, the magazine points out early on that only 3 of the 17 restaurants picked for this year's list use tablecloths, and that other changes to the atmosphere have made "dining out is fun again." That's especially true of the restaurant on top: Dusek's grabbed the number one slot because it "embodies everything about dining in this city right now." Namely, it serves food that is satisfying, exciting, easy to share, and reasonably priced. Also in the top five is Nico Osteria, Tanta, 42 Grams, and Brindille. We're also glad to see Mott St. and Gogi made the list.

To check out the full list, head on over Chicago Magazine. Plus, take a look at our own picks for the best new restaurants of 2013.